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    101034 - Be Transformed Basketball

    Basketball instruction focussing on but not limited to the major skill sets of shooting, ball handling, footwork, and passing. Additional emphasis in player development in regards to basketball specific strength, athleticism, and stability. Participants will receive a 1 hour lesson on each date selected. Specific times will be coordinated between the participant and the instructor within the time frame listed (on the given date). Please contact Tim Fralick (instructor) at

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    Add to Cart101034-50BeTransformed Basketball SG (6 S) 9/21 4pm 8-1109/21/20 - 10/19/20 4:00P - 5:00PMCommunity Center$1258 years to 11 yearsWaitlistItem DetailsCo-ed
    Add to Cart101034-51Be Transformed BBall Small Group 9/21 5:30pm 12 -1809/21/20 - 10/19/20 5:30P - 6:30PMCommunity Center$12512 years to 18 yearsAvailableItem DetailsCo-ed
    Add to Cart101034-52Be Transformed BBall Small Group 9/22 4pm 8-1109/22/20 - 10/20/20 4:00P - 5:00PTuCommunity Center$1258 years to 11 yearsAvailableItem DetailsCo-ed
    Add to Cart101034-53Be Transformed BBall Small Group 9/22 5:30pm 12-1809/22/20 - 10/20/20 5:30P - 6:30PTuCommunity Center$12512 years to 18 yearsAvailableItem DetailsCo-ed

    204101 - Quick Play Sports

    This 4 week program consists of a variety of sports related activities. Participants will participate in skills challenges to keep physically fit while having fun. Sports such as basketball, soccer, football, kickball/whiffleball and running are a few examples of sports that will be played. Each weekly session will last 60 minutes. Program is limited to 9 participants and all activities will follow current sport guidelines under the Ohio Health Department.

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    Read Notice204101-01Quick Play Sports 7-9 Tuesday09/08/20 - 09/29/20 4:30P - 5:30PTuCommunity Center$20/$297 years to 9 yearsUnavailableItem DetailsCo-ed
    Read Notice204101-02Quick Play Sports Ages 7-9 Wednesday09/09/20 - 09/30/20 4:30P - 5:30PWCommunity Center$20/$297 years to 9 yearsUnavailableItem DetailsCo-ed
    Read Notice204101-04Quick Play Sport Ages 10-12 Tuesday09/08/20 - 09/29/20 5:45P - 6:45PTuCommunity Center$20/$2910 years to 12 yearsUnavailableItem DetailsCo-ed

    205003 - Friday Fun Nights

    The fun of Summer Day Camp packed into a couple hours this Fall. Join us for a Friday night of some supervised social distance fun. Kids will participate in various games and activities while maintaining social distance protocols. Activities will include arts and crafts activities, Minute-to-Win-It Contests, sports skills competitions and games. Masks will be required for all participants. Space is limited to 9 participants so register early to secure a spot. Parents this is also a great opportunity to drop your kids off and get a dinner date in at one of our local restaurants! Kids should bring their own refillable water bottle since our water fountains are closed but are filling stations are open.

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    Add to Cart205003-01Friday Fun Nights at City Park09/25/20 - 09/25/20 6:00P - 8:00PFVeterans Program Rm$10/$136 years to 12 yearsAvailableItem DetailsCo-ed

    205004 - BG Blitz

    Join us for some socially distanced fun at the New Veteranís Building at City Park. Kids and parents will be scheduled in 10 minute blocks of time for just themselves to complete a fun and fast make and take project. Multiple children from same family will be allowed in timeslot.

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    Add to Cart205004-01BG Blitz Recreation - Fall Luminary Craft09/28/20 - 09/28/20 6:00P - 8:00PMVeterans Program Rm$4/$63 years to 6 yearsAvailableItem DetailsCo-ed

    205005 - Shootout

    Come take the court to show off your sharpshooting skills. Hoops will be set to different heights for different ages. Bring your own basketballs and someone to rebound and pass the ball back to you. Rebounder/Passer can be any age.
    Free Throw Challenge
    How many free throws can you sink in 3 minutes?
    Three Point Contest
    You will have 3 minutes to catch and shoot passes from your rebounder/passer as you make your way around our 3 point line, shooting 5 shots from each of our 5 marked spots around the arc for 25 total shot attempts possible in the 3 minute allotted time.

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    Add to Cart205005-01September Shootout Ages 10-1209/24/20 - 09/24/20 4:30P - 5:00PThCommunity Center$410 years to 12 yearsAvailableItem DetailsCo-ed
    Add to Cart205005-02September Shootout Ages 13-1709/24/20 - 09/24/20 5:15P - 5:45PThCommunity Center$413 years to 17 yearsAvailableItem DetailsCo-ed
    Add to Cart205005-03September Shootout Ages 18+09/24/20 - 09/24/20 6:00P - 6:45PThCommunity Center$418 years and UpAvailableItem DetailsCo-ed

    504125 - Soccer - Fall 2020

    D-League Soccer Skills Training for the Fall of 2020 will consist of 4 training sessions for your child. Participants will meet on Monday evenings. Participants will learn from current division one college coaches and have fun in the process! Due to COVID 19 restrictions, this fall season will not consist of Saturday games. Saturdays will be designated for rainout make-ups should inclement weather take place on Mondays. Participants will be grouped together based on the school district they attend. Players are asked to bring a mask, wear shin guards and bring their own soccer ball to practices and games. Participants will receive a t-shirt.

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    Add to Cart504125-02Soccer Skills Session 2 Ages 3-409/28/20 - 10/19/20 5:15P - 6:00PMDunbridge Fields$253 years to 4 yearsAvailableItem DetailsCo-ed
    Add to Cart504125-04Soccer Skills Session 2 Ages 5-609/28/20 - 10/19/20 6:30P - 7:30PMDunbridge Fields$355 years to 6 yearsWaitlistItem DetailsCo-ed
    Add to Cart504125-06Soccer Skills Session 2 Ages 7-909/28/20 - 10/19/20 5:15P - 6:15PMDunbridge Fields$357 years to 9 yearsWaitlistItem DetailsCo-ed
    Add to Cart504125-08Soccer Skills Session 2 Ages 10-1409/28/20 - 10/19/20 6:30P - 7:30PMDunbridge Fields$3510 years to 14 yearsAvailableItem DetailsCo-ed

    504201 - Zumba Kids

    Get Up! Get Active! Have fun! Learn new dance moves with our lead Zumba Kids instructor Allison Sargent. This one day program will teach you some warm up moves and activities leading into a Zumba Kids dance! Boys and girls ages 4-6 are welcome to participate. Social distancing and safety procedures will be in place to help make sure kids can enjoy this class in a safe environment. Parents must be present during the program and are also welcome to help their child with participation if needed. The program will take place at the Bowling Green Community Center, located at 1245 W. Newton Road.

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    Add to Cart504201-01Zumba Kids Jr Ages 4-609/25/20 - 09/25/20 3:00P - 3:45PFCommunity Center$5/$74 years to 6 yearsAvailableItem DetailsCo-ed
    Add to Cart504201-02Zumba Kids Ages 7-1109/25/20 - 09/25/20 4:00P - 5:00PFCommunity Center$5/$77 years to 11 yearsAvailableItem DetailsCo-ed
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