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    405400 - Pint Size Prom

    Put on your best outfit and head over to BG Community Center for dancing, snacks, kids interactive music, and stroller valet parking. Souveneir photo with frame and goody bags will be handed out for the kids to take home.

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    Add to Cart405400-08Pint Size Prom03/23/19 - 03/23/19 4:00P - 5:30PSaCommunity Center$20/$24Birth to 5 yearsAvailableItem DetailsCo-ed

    405402 - Egg Scramble

    Adults 18 and over are invited to grab a basket or bag, a flashlight, and join us in our after dark egg event. Eggs will be filled with great prizes like cash, candy, raffle tickets and sponsored prizes from local businesses.

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    Read Notice405402-08Adult Egg Scramble04/26/19 - 04/26/19 8:30P - 10:00PFSimpson Building$16/$2018 years and UpUnavailableItem DetailsCo-ed

    503304 - Nature Stewards

    Come out to the Wintergarden/St. John's Nature Preserve and help to care for and restore the park! Along the way we will see and learn about the plants and wildlife we are helping. Activities include seed collecting, planting of seeds and transplants, removal of weeds and trail maintenance. Activities may be cancelled if inclement weather prevents outdoor activities. Wearing long pants and sturdy shoes is advised.

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    Add to Cart503304-12Nature Stew Sp Wed03/20/19 - 05/15/19VariesVariesVaries$06 years to 13 yearsAvailableItem DetailsCo-ed

    504115 - Youth Volleyball

    This league will consist of one practice per week and Saturday games. The Youth Volleyball League is for children currently in grades 3-6. The league will be split into two divisions (3rd and 4th grade, 5th and 6th grade). The skills clinic assessments dates are Thursday, February 21st 6:30-7:30PM OR Tuesday, March 5th 5:30-6:30PM for 3rd-4th graders (choose to attend one). Practice nights of availability for 3rd-4th graders are Mondays 4,5,6 or 7PM. Practices will begin the week of March 11th. Games begin March 30th and the last date for games is Saturday, May 11th. Players are required to bring knee pads and a clean pair of tennis shoes. Each participant will receive a t-shirt. There are no games Easter weekend (April 20th). $6 late fee will be assessed after the 3/5/19 registration deadline (requests not guaranteed). Volunteer Coaches are needed for this program. Coaches are trained through the NYSCA program at the Bowling Green Community Center in classroom A/B (Thursday, February 28th at 7PM).

    Due to the high volume of registrants, Wedesday, 6PM may be an alternate practice time.

    Due to high volume of requests not all requests are guaranteed.

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    Add to Cart504115-34Volleyball 3-4 Leag03/11/19 - 05/11/19 4:00P - 8:00PM, W, SaCommunity Center$53/$628 years to 10 yearsAvailableItem DetailsCo-ed
    Add to Cart504115-35Volleyball 5-6 Leag03/12/19 - 05/11/19 4:00P - 8:00PTu, Th, SaCommunity Center$53/$6210 years to 12 yearsAvailableItem DetailsCo-ed
    Add to Cart504115-36Volleybll Skills K-203/14/19 - 04/18/19 5:00P - 6:00PThCommunity Center$44/$535 years to under 9 yearsAvailableItem DetailsCo-ed
    Add to Cart504115-37VollybllSkills 3-5yr03/06/19 - 04/10/19 5:15P - 6:00PWCommunity Center$46/$553 years to 5 yearsAvailableItem DetailsCo-ed

    504118 - Get Ahead Basketball Training

    5th-8th grade boys and girls can prepare for upcoming basketball seasons with instructor, Steve Cramer this fall. This 4 week, 60 minute program includes basketball specific conditioning, high intensity skill development and game play.
    Learn proven game applicable moves
    - Learn proven game applicable moves
    - Manipulate defensive players off the ball and in triple threat
    - Learn specific moves to finish around the basket against tough defenders
    - Develop proper shooting technique and game situation drills
    - Jump Rope basics and improving quickness
    - Advanced and beginner game situation reads.
    - And more...

    NOTE: If unable to make every session contact Coach Cramer regarding a possible makeup.
    8th grade athletes have the choice to attend either group.

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    Add to Cart504118-G8Get Ahead BBall 5-8 1st 4 week03/21/19 - 04/11/19 6:30P - 7:30PThCommunity Center$60/$6410 years to under 15 yearsAvailableItem DetailsCo-ed
    Add to Cart504118-G9Get Ahead BBall 8-12 1st Session 4w03/21/19 - 04/11/19 7:45P - 8:45PThCommunity Center$60/$6414 years to under 19 yearsAvailableItem DetailsCo-ed
    Add to Cart504118-H1Get Ahead BBall 5-8 2nd Session 4 weeks04/18/19 - 05/09/19 6:30P - 7:30PThCommunity Center$60/$6410 years to under 15 yearsAvailableItem DetailsCo-ed
    Add to Cart504118-H2Get Ahead BBall 8-12 2nd 4week session04/18/19 - 05/09/19 7:45P - 8:45PThCommunity Center$60/$6414 years to under 19 yearsAvailableItem DetailsCo-ed
    Add to Cart504118-H3Get Ahead BBall 5-8 8 week03/21/19 - 05/09/19 6:30P - 7:30PThCommunity Center$112/$12010 years to under 15 yearsAvailableItem DetailsCo-ed
    Add to Cart504118-H4Get Ahead BBall 8-12 8 week session03/21/19 - 05/09/19 7:45P - 8:45PThCommunity Center$112/$12014 years to under 19 yearsAvailableItem DetailsCo-ed

    520332 - Interpreting the Local Landscape

    Interpreting the Local Landscape
    Saturday, March 16th, 2019
    9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
    Wintergarden Park Nature Center
    615 S. Wintergarden Road

    Ever wonder why a tree was left to grow in a cornfield? Why does it seem there are always two evergreen trees growing on either side of a farmhouse in the country? Why is Bowling Green located where it is… and why are tree-lined streets tree-lined in the first place? The answers to these and many other questions will be answered during, "Reading the Local landscape" a program presented by Chris Gajewicz from the Bowling Green Parks and Recreation Department. Chris has studied and taught in the natural environment for over 30 years and throughout those years he has always believed it is impossible to understand the natural environment without understanding human interaction within it. Join Chris as he leads participants on a journey that explains why we humans did what we did and continue to do what we do as we coexist with our natural and human altered environments.

    The day begins with coffee and donuts, (donation please), at the Rotary Nature Center in Wintergarden Park, Bowling Green, Ohio with a visual presentation, followed by a guided walk around Wintergarden Park. After the walk, the program continues with a drive around parts of Wood County where the group will explore several natural and cultural footprints of our pioneer and Native American ancestors; the evidence they left behind either on purpose or by accident.

    This program is specifically designed for adult learners only. The program will be limited to the first 25 participants, and pre-registration is a must. Dress for the weather and make sure your gas tank is on "full". Car pooling can be arranged at the park if the group members so choose.
    For information on how to register, please go to and click on the drop down menu for Parks and Recreation; nature programs, stop in at the Bowling Green Community Center, 1245 Newton Road, Bowling Green, Ohio between 5:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. M-TH, 5:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. F, 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Sat, 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Sunday or call 419.354.6223 for front desk assistance.

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    Add to Cart520332-01Interpreting the Local Landscape03/16/19 - 03/16/19 9:00A - 12:00PSaRotary Nature Center$018 years and UpAvailableItem DetailsCo-ed
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